10 Foot (2.95m) Plywood Flat Bottom Boat Plans

The “10 FOOT (2,95m) Aluminum Flat Bottom Boat Plans” offer a remarkable opportunity for avid boat builders to construct a vessel that perfectly combines durability and versatility. With meticulous attention to detail, these plans encompass every aspect of the boat’s structure, ensuring an impeccable end result. Crafted from high-quality aluminum materials renowned for their sturdiness and longevity, this flat bottom boat promises unparalleled strength that can withstand any aquatic endeavor thrown its way. The keyword integration within the detailed instructions ensures builders are guided with precision throughout the construction process, allowing them to bring their vision to life effortlessly while maintaining professional standards. These plans cater not only to experienced craftsmen but also welcome beginners keen on embarking on a fulfilling boat-building journey filled with learning opportunities and rewarding outcomes.

10 foot plywood flat bottom boat
10 foot plywood flat bottom boat

Length : 10 ‘ (2.95Meters)
Beam : 63″ (1.6 Meters)
Depth: 5″ (13 Cm)
Engine: 10HP Long Shaft (20″ transom notch)
Dry Hull Weight: 330 Lbs. (150 Kg.)
Max Gross Load: 2 Persons @75kg = 150kg
(Class “D”)

A very easy to build plywood flat-bottomed boat.
Full cutting files plans available in imperial and metric versions (depending on your choice)

The instructions also describe the welding process so that the aluminum does not bend.

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